BEAUTY: Esteli beauty haul

Ok you guys, if you follow me since last year, you probably caught my review for the Esteli Beauty Coco Rosa Toner. It was honestly heaven for my skin and felt so absolutely refreshing. In case you haven't, you can take a look back at it here

This time around, I want to show you other amazing products from ESTELI. I found this awesome brand early last year and I've been a true fan since, those green bottles make me so happy but what excites me the most are the products inside: so, so pure and effective. I love that only high quality, top of the line, ethically sourced natural ingredients are used to make each product, so you are only getting what your skin really needs, all made in small batches, without any nasty hidden ingredients to worry about. 

As I said before I'm really a sucker for good packaging, and let me tell you ESTELI's got it going on. The fact that they use glass instead of plastic for their bottles is a huge plus in my books. You can reuse them or they can be easily recycled. As for the packaging of the orders, they come in crinkle paper, so you don't have to worry about any trash. I wish all skincare, makeup, and haircare brands would emphasize more on this since so many use plastic bottles and packaging.

The products you'll see here are part of the Green Goddess Facial Ritual Set by Esteli. It includes the Oro Rosa Facial Oil, and the Green Aventurine Facial Roller and Gua Sha Tool. You can find this set on the Esteli website at an awesome value, which you can check out here.


This baby right here is pure gold! I get so excited when I try a new product and you can see the difference right away. Nothing but good stuff on this one too, uses only botanical oils like golden jojoba, rosehips, sea buckthorn, pomegranate, apricot kernel oil, evening primrose oil. All super good stuff to make your skin feel so soft and nourished, and you can definitely see it. I have to say that I tried using jojoba oil in the past and it didn't go so well. I started getting this cystic looking pimples all over my jawline, I figured jojoba oil wasn't for me. After trying Oro Rosa, I feel like that other oil maybe wasn't of the best quality, because my face has not broke out from using this product.  

She basically is a multitasking beauty since it covers all your basis. The ingredients help your skin in a multitude of ways, from protecting skin from environmental nasties, balancing skin's moisture, helping prevent sun damage, helping slow down the aging process, plus it is high in vitamin you need more? It is also gluten free and soy free. Boom. 

Want to hear another good thing about this oil? You only need 2-3 drops per application, all you have to do is press it onto the skin and it will be absorbed in no time, leaving your skin baby-bum's soft. You can also use this oil paired with your facial roller or gua sha. I have been using it since mid December, day and night and I've only used about 1/3 of the bottle, so I imagine it would last at least another 6 months. 

I have been using this oil after I applying the Coco Rosa Toner, and hyaluronic acid serum and sometimes I mix it with squalene, but lately is just the toner and this oil that I've been using. It does not leave my face oily nor dry, even in this rare dry Winter we've been having in the PNW. I have yet to use it during the warmer months but I don't think it will cause any problems. 

If you want to take this oil to the next level. you have to try it along with the facial roller and gua sha tools. This little treatment has really made my skin look more supple, and it just looks and feels healthier. I don't know how to explain it but my skin just looks better overall. It also has helped when I use foundation, it just makes my skin more radiant and the foundation basically glides on.

This product has definitely become a staple in my skincare routine. I don't think I'm ever going back to creamy moisturizers, this oil is all I need and now my skin looks better than ever. 


This roller is made of Green Aventurine Quartz, and it is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals and is a promoter of optimism and enhances one's creativity and motivation. If you ask me this is the crystal that I need in my life at all times. 

Some of the benefits of Facial Rolling are:
- stimulating collagen
-increasing blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the surface to improve skin tone
- eliminates toxins
-lifts and tones facial muscles (like a workout for your face)
-reduces under eye circles
-promotes lymphatic drainage
-reduces puffiness and wrinkles
-massages face for tension and headache relief

I have been doing it since late last year almost everyday and I can say that my cheekbones definitely look more pronounced and it has helped diminish the wrinkles on my under eye area and between my brows. Even though I haven't cooled it on the refrigerator, sometimes it is cold enough that feels amazing when I'm rolling it around my face.

I like how this tool has two different size rollers, the small one for the eye area and the big one for the rest of the face. It feels very firm and sturdy so there is not problem if I apply some pressure while I'm massaging my face.


I am very new to the Gua Sha movement, but I am already very into it. This tool is very easy to use and it has excellent properties as well as the facial roller. It is used to increase blood circulation and remove toxins which help improve elasticity, depuff and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

I have seen a few around and from the research that I've done, it is better when the tool is a little on the thicker side, because it is easier to maneuver with. This one definitely is very easy to use and once you get the hang of how to use it (what side of the tool for what area of the face) you'll see why. Since you are working with oil, the tool can get a little slippery so the thickness helps you get a better grip.

I'm preparing a tutorial on how to use the Green Goddess Facial Ritual Set that will be up on the Esteli website very soon, so if you need help on how to use it you can check it out there! I will be updating this post with the link as soon as it is up. 

All the information form this products I gathered from the Esteli website.