RECIPES: Almond flour cookies

Ok, I know I have posted an almond flour cookie recipe in the past (you can check it out here), but the one I'm about to share here is my new favorite. It checks all the squares for a perfect recipe in my criteria, which is why I'm so stoked about it.

These cookies have the perfect amount of sweetness, are dairy (hooray!) and egg free, use only 6 ingredients, and are made so fast you don't even have time to make a mess in the kitchen. By using a mix of coconut oil and honey, you get a perfect subtly sweet taste that just hits the spot. 

One of the ingredients is a recent favorite of mine, almond flour. I have been baking a lot using it and I like that it doesn't have a very overpowering taste or texture, and when I need to mix it with eggs it doesn't need like 10 eggs per cup of flour like coconut flour does (I might be exaggerating slightly). 

I found this recipe on Sweet and Savory by Shinee and even though hers somehow come up a little chewy, I like to leave them out so that they get nice and crunchy. Her recipe is just for the cookie without frosting, but sometimes do add a little bit, mainly when I want to practice my cookie decorating skills (which are not very good by the way) but it is not needed.

Now, you might already know that I am not much of a sweets person, so a lot of the desserts I make are not so sweet. That is the case with these cookies. They are delicious with coffee, tea, or just by themselves, but if you want to add some extra sweetness, you can always add some frosting of your choice. 

Anyways, you would know from reading my other recipes that I'm always looking for healthy-ish versions of everything, but one very important factor is that it needs to be delicious. That means I don't eat plain kale just because it is good for you, but because I add to my buddha bowls and tastes amazing with the veggies and the sauce, I eat it. The same thing happens with sweets.

I made this recipe in honor of Valentine's Day, which I know is cheesy and to be honest, I am not so crazy about it, but it is a good excuse to bake some goodies :) But honestly, the good thing about this recipe is that you can do them on a Tuesday after work, and they will be done in no time. 

What I do most of the times, unless the recipe asks for not doing it, is mixing all the dry ingredients in one bowl and all the wet ingredients in another bowl. Once they are mixed well, I incorporate the wet to the dry while whisking. It seems to make more sense to me, so that all the ingredients are evenly and thoroughly mixed.

You can prepare the batter using an electric mixer, but honestly you don't need one, before I got the mixer I would just mix it all with a spatula, and it works just as good. Once the mix is done, you have a dough like batter that you can start scooping into little 1" balls without getting batter all over your hands, they just get a little oily. 

Once you have the little balls, you place them about 2" apart from each other, and then you flatten them out with your fingers to about 1/3 of an inch, not too thin, not too thick. They will expand  some sideways once they are in the oven but they won't expand upwards, so take this in mind when flattening them. If you make them thinner, they might be ready sooner than 8-10 minutes. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to check on them while they are in the oven, if they are in there for even a minute longer they will start burning. I use one of those small ovens since it heats up way faster than the big one, and I bake the cookies in two separate batches, since they won't fit all in one baking sheet of that size. I bake them for approximately 8 minutes in this oven, but if I where using the big one, I would probably do 10 minutes, but still would keep on checking them.

I like them to get a little golden brown, which means the will be a little more crispy. You will still get some chewiness in the center but the outside will be firm. Once they are done in the oven, I like to remove them from the baking sheet immediately to let them cool. This also helps with the crunchiness. 

After this you can go two ways: you can start enjoying the cookies, or, you can add your frosting. My favorite is buttercream so that is what I always go for. This time, I added a little food coloring to make go with the Valentine's day theme, but most of the times I leave it uncolored. Look how pretty! I usually suck at doing shapes but I liked how they turned out this time. I have to admit though, this was my second try. The first try was a little burnt and the hearts where too pink for my liking, even though I do love pink.

 Here's the recipe:

Please share if you make your own healthy almond flour cookies, would love to see how you guys are eating yours!

Love, L