So, who else is in desperate need of new underwear? Who's panties are basically falling apart? Is it just mine? Okay. Fine. I need new underwear stat. I'm not kidding, I think the last time I bought panties was like 4 years ago...oh my gawd!

And as I was putting my clothes on this morning I thought I could make a little round up of brands that are making both cute but also sustainable underwear. I have been using a lot of push up bras in the past, why? Idk. I am not self conscious about my B cups or anything (not now anyways, more on that later), I just thought that was the way to go. But since bralettes are having a moment, I'm seriously thinking why haven't jumped on that bralette train?  

This time around, I'm looking to buy soft cup and bralettes only, and maybe doing one or two with a cup for when you need a perfect seamless line moment going (can you tell I got hooked on JVN's podcast?). As for underwear, I normally use a thong, I like the no panty line look, but I do use panties at night.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to these awesome brands and their gorgeous collections of lingerie.


This brand uses certified organic silks, organic and low impact dyes and a fair and transparent supply chain. I really like the simple designs and they have a beautiful color selection to choose from, my favorites are Rose, Slate and Cool Grey. I've been using bralettes lately as they are more comfortable, mainly because I'm tired of wires and push ups bras, and Kent has just what I'm looking for. And if you are into it, they also carry high waisted briefs. 

They also partner with social enterprises and non-profits creating an impact for women and girls in emerging markets, through their Female Future Project. 

You can visit their website here.


Aside from this awesome Danish brand making swimwear and clothing collections twice a year, they also have a line of lingerie that is just simply gorgeous. Somehow they always manage to have the prettiest lace and the most beautiful floral patterns that make me swoon, literally. And although a lot of their items are on the sexier side (nothing wrong with that!) they do also have some very nice basics. 

All of their products are made in India on a small factory and obtained the Fair Wear Foundation young designer license, ensuring they are fulfilling the requirements for a safe labor environment. 
They also use certified materials only such as recycled polyester, lyocell, organic cotton, milk (what?) and recycled wool. Underprotection products are also certified with the Global Recycle Standard, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, and are Peta Approved.

You can check them out on their website


Now Woron knows where it's at! I absolutely hate wearing uncomfortable bras but there is rarely an occasion where I don't wear one, and sometimes you just have to live with it. But for the founders of Woron, they want to make your bra the last thing you WANT to take off at the end of the day. They aim for comfort without sacrificing the feminine shape, or the environment for that matter.

They focus on sustainability from the crafting, handling and to the timeless design that you'll want to keep for years. 

Their soft bras and briefs look so very comfortable and they are made with modal fabric. They are perfect for day to day but also keeping a very flattering shape, specially in the chest area. Aside from these they also carry robes, slip dresses and bodysuits, which I imagine must be so comfortable too. 

You can check out their products here.  


Made in Mexico by a fair manufacturer that employs only women with great working conditions, their products are made using a rayon fabric from bamboo that meets all safety and environmental standards. And aside from that, they also donate a percentage of every sale to an enterprise that works to empower female artisans.

They have a Try it on situation on their website which I thought was very interesting and useful, since buying underwear through the internet can get tricky. 

From all the brands I'm sharing today, I think this is the only one that carries a bra with a cup, which I think is good to have sometimes when you are wearing something tight that needs a cleaner look, although it is not push up, which is not a bad thing at all (can you tell I'm over push up bras?). The colors are your basics, black and blush, but they also carry a pretty burgundy for those who like a pop of color. 

You can check all of their products here.


Mary Young focuses on lingerie that mixes the everyday basics with the wear for your partner lingerie, while keeping the pieces comfortable and long lasting. All of their design is done in Toronto and the garments are made in Montreal (Je me souviens :)) 

The main fabric used is a bamboo blend, and they also are focused on minimizing the amount of plastic when packaging, and the literature that comes with it is fully recyclable. win win win

I have to say that they have done a great job blending comfort and sexiness on all of the pieces. Long gone are the days of wearing uncomfortable lingerie and I'm totally in!

you can visit their website here


Organic Passion is a Spanish brand that focuses on underwear made with organic cotton and modal, and their garments are actually made in Barcelona. They focus on doing small batches of each style, so its almost like you are wearing one of a kind underwear. 

Their styles look super comfortable with a a little bit of sexy in the mix. Their colors are mostly black, white and blue, and they all come with a seam that adds some contrast and shine to the situation, totally loving this brand.

You can check out the rest of their products here.

So there you have it, I think I gave you a good variety of styles to drool over don't you think? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.