On this post I wanted to get real with you about fashion. I love following girls that have a great fashion sense and are always looking their best in pictures, as I also love following sustainable fashion brands to see what is the latest they come up with. But one thing I found scrolling through these accounts was that it was making me a little bit anxious. 

The truth is that a lot of the brands that carry sustainable fashion are out of my budget, and as much as I want to think that it is ok to spend $100 for a sweater, the reality is that that is my whole budget for clothes for L and me for a couple of months. This is not to say that we are cheap, but we have other priorities we'd rather focus on. 

I have to say that before I realized that it was okay to not be able to afford that $100 sweater or that $300 pair of jeans, I had a mindset of "either I buy it sustainably sourced or not at all", which meant that I didn't get anything, because I couldn't let myself spend that kind of money on one piece of clothing.



I do understand where that amount comes from and why the clothes are more expensive (I know some brands are more affordable), better working conditions and salaries for the workers, better materials and use of resources, and an overall better philosophy. 

But tbh, I felt overwhelmed and a sense of shame thinking that I was going to get judged as a poser, claiming that fast fashion sucks but at the same time I wasn't buying sustainable fashion either. I feel constantly pressured (by myself) to buy organic, be zero waste, hate plastic, eat healthy, buy sustainable and feel bad about myself when I don't.

The consequences of this? I found myself that all this pressure coming from nowhere really but myself, was weighing me down and making me unhappy, and that is something that I'm not okay with. Getting dressed was particularly unappealing because I felt like all my clothes looked old and they didn't make me feel my best. And if you don't feel great, it is hard to feel confident in other aspects of your life. 

So I came to the realization when I stumbled upon a really cute teal sweater at Target that I fell in love with. I didn't buy it because it was not sustainably made, but I just couldn't get it out of my head. I kept thinking about it and all the outfits I could make with it and later on when L came home from work, I told him about it. He asked me why I didn't buy it if I thought it was that cute, and that is when it clicked. I had to be aware that the pressure I was feeling came from nobody else but me and if this was something small I could buy to make me feel better when I wore it, then that was ok. So I went back the next day and got that sweater, and guess what? I love it. And I loved how it made me feel so good to look at myself and have this cute outfit on that I decided to let myself free of self judgement. 


One very important thing though, even though I am cutting myself some slack and will not freak out if I buy something that is not sustainable, that doesn't mean I am going to go crazy and go back to my shopaholic ways. I will still shop smart. Not buying things for a while really put in perspective how much I was buying before that I didn't really need, so now I can really recognize something that I just like on the hanger but won't actually wear vs. something that I love that I can add to my capsule closet. I in fact love making capsule wardrobes when I go on trips and it is so much easier to get dressed out of a suitcase when everything matches. Saves you some space for souvenirs. For example, I found this pictures I took from back when I was going to Europe, when I was planning my outfits.

So, I decided at the end of each year I'll be making a list of the clothes and accessories I bought throughout the year. Here's 2018:

- 2 pairs of pants. One of them I use very often, and the other one I haven't used yet. But I am planning to use the second pair over the holidays at some parties, and I'm sure for the coming years will get a lot of use.
- 1 black blazer. I have used it only once but plan on using it a lot over the years, both for business meetings and outings. Originally I bought it along with the pants because I was supposed to be traveling a lot to meet high-end customers and had no business clothes.
- a pair of slides. I used them a lot this summer and will be using them until they fall apart. I love them. 
- 2 pairs of jeans. A much needed pair of Levi's. All my jeans are basically falling apart so I need a new pair. The second one I had to buy while in Mexico, I didn't account for the cold weather and was freezing in my shorts. Both have been used almost every weekend. 
- 1 top. I bought this along with the jeans while I was in Mexico, because again, I was freezing and all I had brought where flowy tops. 
- 2 sweaters. I ended up buying the teal sweater at Target, and bought another one at Express. It is so difficult for me to find long sleeved clothing that I don't itch so I didn't want to let them go. I am in desperate need of new sweaters because most of the ones that I have are falling apart.
- 1 pair of sandals. I had to buy them for a wedding to match a dress I already had. The original heels I had used I didn't have anymore, but I  bought this pair with the intention of giving the much more use than that one time.  
- 1 pair of leggings for the gym. I can't tell you how old my leggings are, most of them I bought maybe on 2014-2015 and I use them daily. Loose is an understatement. 
- 4 sports bras. I bought 3 of these on Poshmark brand new from Victoria's Secret, and the other one is from Forever 21. Same situation with the sports bras as with the leggings.  

So here it is, my wardrobe history. I hope this helps everyone out there feeling a little pressured, or that is looking to take better decisions when it comes to fashion. 


  1. Honestly speaking, there are no sustainable fashion trends anymore. The reason why I am saying this is because, hardly a fashion trend lasts 3-4 months and that's really not my definition of "Sustainable" fashion trend.

    1. I agree with you on that. The industry has exploited trends so much that they are now ever changing and it is hard to catch up. I do think and have grown into my very own style that not necessarily goes with a specific trend, but feels more timeless and season after season they still feel fresh and modern (to me) and that is what I enjoy the most. I have also stopped buying pieces that were just beautiful, when in reality I have nowhere to wear them to. It is a lot of trial and error, but I feel like I've gotten the hang of it somehow.

      As for brand making sustainable clothing, from what I have seen, a lot of them focus on creating timeless pieces more so than trendy pieces. It is not the case with all of them of course, but those really committed to the sustainability are sticking to this way of doing things, what do you think?


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