How many times a month you feel like you need to have an evening to yourself, soak in a bath, put on your favorite podcast/Netflix show, have a glass of wine and just relax? Well, I've been feeling lately like I need to set up a day of the week to do just that. I don't usually like baths, mainly because I'm terrified of the drain thing (I know, I'm a freak), but all these bath salts and scrubs on my Instagram feed have me feeling like I need to try it at least one more time.

So, as I'm getting ready to face my fear, I have researched a few things that would be ideal to have on hand for Operation Pamper Yoself. I included things that would treat your whole body as well as your face.

I will be working on a second part for this post since I need to include hair treatments and hair removal products, which I usually include when I'm doing a spa day.  

1. Black Magic Mask $24.79
Usually I mask at least once a week, and this one has activated charcoal, which, if you know me, is one of my favorite ingredients. Mixing this with some acv and water, or a face oil, could be my weekly jam.

2. Body Brush $11.50
I do skin brushing on and off but I really need to start being more consistent. The benefits of doing dry brushing are so good that I think it is worth the extra minute or two before a shower to do just that.

3. Palmarosa Body Oil $38
I've been in an oil frenzy lately and have basically ditched moisturizers and lotions aside. My skin feels and looks much better when using oils that I don't think I'll ever go back.

4. Planta Buff Exfoliating Grains $24
Exfoliating is one of my guilty (?) pleasures and it is one of the steps I constantly do in order to keep my face looking its best. I imagine my skin would feel amazeeeing using this product.

5. Ojo de Agua Soaking Salts $28
Soaking salts are what's making me give baths one more try. I haven't really used them in the past but they seem to be a must have in every bath for absolute relaxation and detoxing your body.

6. Jade Facial Roller $28
Can't lie that I'm not curious about using a roller to help tighten my skin, I have incorporated a facial massage twice a day that I would imagine being complimented with a roller would make wonders for my skin.

7. Bisou Bisou Candle $26
Candles are a necessity at home. Everytime I light one up, it instantly makes the environment more soothing. And of course, purchasing candles that use only natural ingredients are the best way to go, that way you can enjoy the scents.

8. Bathtub Tray $145
I mean I would think this is a necessity for a proper spa day don't you think? How else are you going to watch your fave shows?

9. AromaSense Shower Head $85
I have been eyeing this shower head for a long time, it has a vitamin C cartridge that provides you with an aromatherapy type of shower, helping your skin and hair while removing chemicals from the water. 

10. Aroma Om Diffuser $89.95
I have an essential oils diffuser and even thought right now I'm not using the best quality oils, I can tell it has been helping to calm us down. I use it mainly at nighttime, but I have found some blends that would work great for a spa day.

11. Coyuchi Organic Waffle Robe $98
And of course you need a robe to feel like the pampered princess you are.

12. Turkish Towel $25
Turkish towels are having a moment and I can see why, they are gorgeous, plus they look super soft without being too bulky.