FASHION: Sustainable Active Wear

As I'm getting ready to purchase some much needed active wear clothes, I decided to make a post about amazing brands that are using recycled materials, fair trading it, and using sustainable practices. I am so happy to see there are so many brands out there with great options and styles for every preference. 

Here, I am showcasing a few and I explain a little bit about each brand. I am actually dividing this post in two parts, the second part will most likely be published in January, since I know a lot of people will be looking into that as they begin the year with new resolutions. 


We Ar makes uses organic cotton for their yoga wear. They also use other natural and environmentally friendly fibers such as bamboo, Tencel and Modal. They also work very closely to make sure their skilled artisans work in a safe environment and are also very focused on processes such as low impact dying and filtration of waste water. You can check more of their awesome clothes, and code of ethics (I found it really interesting) on their website


Miakoda is based out of NYC and uses sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, soy fiber, Modal + Lyocell and their dyes are eco friendly. They source their fabrics from factories that ensure their workers a healhty and safe environments, and the garments are made in NYC by talented and well paid workers. They even go the extra step on their packaging and use all recycled materials and made in the USA. I mean, what more can you ask for? You can check this and more info on their website here.


Ambiletic's leggings are made from recycled PET bottles. they also use organic cotton and bamboo on their garments. They are also made in factories with fair working conditions. They also use environmentally friendly packaging materials. They are based out of Germany. You can check more about them here.


Unoa is a British company founded by a health + fitness enthusiast. Over 65% of the fabrics they use are organic, and they are aiming to increase the percentage as they grow. You can check their website here.