Stopping my shopaholic tendencies has been very hard, I'm not going to lie, but it also has helped me realized how many clothes I have, and really, how many I actually use. And what I use you might ask? All classics and neutrals. 

During the week I mostly wear jeans or shorts with a plain T-shirt and I step it up a bit on the weekends. If you know me you have probably noticed that I don't wear anything too colorful, I usually stick to white, black, blushes and taupes. 

But I have found that in sticking to this "color" palette, it is way easier to mix and match stuff, which is great since I don't like to overthink what I'm going to wear. One thing I do focus on is how the clothes fit and how comfortable they are. I wanted to focus on getting a versatile little black dress up or down. I love to mix dresses with sneakers for a very model off duty look, but I also love to dress up with some heels for a date or an event and look real girly. What can I say, I can't make up my mind.

Below is a selection of 8 fabulous sustainable dresses that I could really see myself wearing, and the best part is that with these brands I'll now that everyone working on these pieces has been paid fairly and that only natural materials have been used. I can sleep tightly knowing that nobody is suffering only so that I can wear a dress.

1. Ozma of California Long Slipdress $185
2. Lacausa Christina Slip Dress $$105
3. Amour Vert Sleeveless Colombe Dress $128
4. First Rite Ruffle Dress $143
5. Morton Mac Lova Dress $100
6. Reformation Bri Dress $98
7. Everlane Japanese GoWeave Short Sleeve Mini Wrap Dress  $100
8. Whimsy + Row Marianne Wrap Dress $138