This Sunday was our First Year Anniversary and I can't believe it, it went by so fast. As I'm choosing what pictures to print out I wanted to share with you all of my hard work (no, really). We DIYd (DIYed?) a lot of the things ourselves and we got a lot of help from friends and family. 

Are you ready to see some pictures? Good. Cuz I got a ton. 


We got married on August 19th in our hometown in Mexico. For the wedding we didn't want to do anything over the top, we wanted it to feel relaxed and fun, and we did put a lot of focus on this, and I think we did accomplish that. The venue we chose was a beautiful garden with tall trees with twinkling lights, a colonnade that went across the garden and the most gorgeous gazebo. Luckily for me, the girl that manages the garden is also a wedding planner, florist and the package we got included everything from the music, tables and chairs, food and most of the decor. This was really helpful since I was going to be planning everything from Oregon. 

At first I wasn't sure as to what the style was, but later we came up with Italian countryside winery movie wedding. Understated but elegant. We had string lights with paper lamps that gave a very subtle light. 

We chose a mix of round and rectangular tables, some with a full blush tablecloth and some with only a blush runner and a white tablecloth. We decorated them with wine bottles holding candlesticks, lanterns, and flower arrangements. The flower arrangements were made so that they looked unmade, like they were just spread over the table, and they looked beautiful. Also, there was a lot of eucalyptus involved and it smelled glorious. From the colonnade we hung a light white fabric that flowed real pretty with the air. 


I never thought of myself as a girl that would ever wear a huge dress, nor I thought that I would turn into an everything-is-about-me bride, nor did I want to talk wedding 24/7. But when it came to the dress I had a very specific list of must haves:
- It had to be backless
- Short tail
- Preferably lace or organza 
- No shiny fabrics
- No strapless dresses
- No cleavage
- No bedazzling
- No pouf (like Cinderella's dress)
- Not very expensive

As much as I think your wedding day is an important day, buying a super expensive dress that you will only wear once makes no sense to me. 

I ended up picking this beautiful dress and I had it modified to take like 7 layers of crinoline so that it could be more flowy/less puffy. I added this made to order sash/belt, and along with the subtle "bedazzling" in the straps, made for the perfect combination. I also had a dainty crown looking thing that went on the back of my head. For the shoes I didn't want to buy white shoes. Why? Because they are ugly. I found the perfect shade of champagne blushy pink heeled sandal from Steve Madden. I still use this shoes from time to time and I love it because they remind me of that day, when my feet were so swollen they looked like balloons (oh happy days)

As for the hair, I wanted a low bun that looked effortless, with braids and a side part. I don't mean to offend anyone in my hometown, but I knew it was going to be very difficult to find somebody good. They are stuck in the Miss Universe style of hair do's, and I was very afraid they were going to f it up. The hairdresser I picked wasn't as bad as I thought, except when I felt him clipping all my hair to the back of my head instead of making a bun. It ended up alright because once I went home I redid the bun part of it. 

For the makeup, I decided to do my own. I wanted to look like me in the pictures and after going to some trials, I learned that it wasn't going to be the case unless I did it myself. I think I did a good job. Luckily for me, the gods of the cat eye were with me that day. I made a post talking about the products I used here.

For L, we picked a navy 3 piece suit with light brown shoes and a light gold tie. Believe it or not he first wanted to pick one of those penguin style jackets, but after looking at all the factors, that was going to clash with everything else we had planned for the wedding. He did get personalized cufflinks with the letter V (from his last name) and he was very excited for that. 


We had 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, all were family members. We decided to make it as simple as possible for them since we were all located in different cities (countries, even) and we were all super busy. For the guys, we decided simple black 2 piece suit, white shirt and we gave them monogrammed taupy colored ties with their initials. 

For the ladies, they ended up choosing from a selection I made at of beautiful dresses in blush tones. It was so easy for me to decide from all their selection, and also I was able to get swatches beforehand to make sure it was all going to look good together. For gifts, I gave them a dainty bracelet with their initial on it. 


Thanks for coming guys! haha