I want to share with you a few products that can help you start the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I have said it before but I like to find products that are affordable to most people, that way it is less difficult to start making the switch. 

Luckily, Natural Home Brands has a lot of great products that can help you achieve your green goals. They just have so much stuff, all made with sustainable materials and one part that was key, the prices. So.Effin.Affordable!

So for all of you that have thought about making the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle, this is your lucky day! Here, I am sharing some of the products that they carry and I explain why they are a better alternative. After reading this post, you might feel ready and excited to start making your first purchases towards that #greenlifestyle.


NHB created products that would help the consumer make their home a natural home. The materials used in all of their products has been carefully thought over, making all of their line sustainable and free of plastic, petroleum and 100%BPA free. 

They carry everything from kitchen tools and utensils to cleaning cloths, candles, compost bins, among other things. I have been using mine for quite some time now and I can say that the quality is excellent on every single product. 


Products made from Bamboo are more sustainable than any other type of wood for many reasons, to name a few: It takes about 3.5-6 years to grow to maturity, needs very little water and some species grow as much as 3 ft per day. It is also less porous, and won't break as easily or absorb any odors, making it great to use in the kitchen. It also won't scratch non-stick surfaces. 

NHB carry all kinds of products made from bamboo, from spoons, ladles and turners, to veggie brushes, coasters, bowls and trivets.

I use my bamboo utensils every single day for cooking. They are very convenient because they are not difficult to take care of, don't get hot as easy as other materials, and plus they look real cute when they are resting on the crock. And what can I say about the veggie brush, the bristles are just hard enough to make sure it gets into all the crevices. I actually have it right next to my hand soap, making it a pretty vignette and super accessible every time I have to wash some fruits or veggies. 


Looks and feels like Melamine but it is actually Molded Bamboo® looks and feels like melamine, and it is just as durable. It is produced with rice starch and bamboo fibers, making it completely biodegradable and toxin free. Even though it is not microwave or oven safe, it will not release any chemicals if exposed to heat or acids. So you can see why this material is great to cook with. 

NHB carries several items made of Molded Bamboo® or Moboo such as bowls, measuring cups and spoons, multiple kitchen utensils, pet bowls, and dinnerware sets.  

My favorites are the whisk that I use when I'm preparing my baked desserts, and the apple corer I actually used it the other day to prepare some jalapeƱo poppers, and it worked fabulously so we will be using it a lot once the warm weather gets here (if ever). The knife and peeler I use a lot each morning to prepare our morning smoothies. 


Stainless steel utensils is great to use in the kitchen since it is very easy to clean, has excellent durability and doesn't release any toxics into the food. They also don't transfer heat as easy so they are great to use when cooking soups and other hot dishes.

NHB carry a lot of stainless steel utensils, most if not all made with recycled stainless steel, with either bamboo or molded bamboo handles for an easier and more comfy grip. Even though L has her utensils to use on the grill, I like to use these for when we grill my veggies, they are easy to hold and very light.

Aside from these, they also carry other spoons, ladles and other utensils, can and bottle openers, mixing bowls, strainers, salt and pepper shakers, strainers...you get the hint.

slotted spoon $8.99 // tongs $9.99


Aside from having all the amazing kitchen utensils and tools, NHB also carries a wide range of items for composting. I have to admit that I'm new to composting, and I still haven't gotten the hang of it completely. I'm still doing my research but it is something I'm not letting go because it is such an easy way to help the environment and create less trash. If you are interested in reading more about composting you can read NHB's post here.

They carry this very convenient compost bins that you can keep in your kitchen counter for when you are chopping fruits and veggies, dropping your used coffee grinds or anything else that you need. It is large enough that it will fit several days waste, but it doesn't take much space. And contrary to what most people believe, no it doesn't stink up your kitchen, it actually has a carbon filter that canalizes all odors and you can't even tell there's stuff rotting in there.

And of course they carry the compostable bags to use for your compost bin, as well as doggie duty baggies and for lawn and leaf waste as well. Basically you have no excuse to not compost, they are literally giving you all of the tools.

compost bin $34.99 // compostable bin bags $7.99


These bags are my absolute favorite item from NHB! I use them for every single trip to the grocery store, they are super convenient and I keep them with my bigger reusable bags to carry all the groceries in. They are light weight, and cashiers have no problem looking what's inside each of them. The big ones fit a lot which is great because lately I've been one good bunny eating tons of fruits and veggies.

If you are looking to buy one item out of all of the ones I'm showing you here, I would recommend you get this set. It has been so useful and the amount of plastic bags I have stopped using has been impressive. And the best part is that when they get dirty, you can just dump 'em in the wash. Easy peasy.

Now I'm looking for similar bags that I can use for bulk items like quinoa and rice, I have found it is so convenient since the plastic bags always tear up anyways. I am thinking of making my own actually, I have a lot of muslin that I could put to good use.

veggie bags - 5 pack $5.99


These are actually made from viscose from trees grown in sustainable forests. They where actually intended to be used to scrub dishes but I actually use them to scrub the countertops, sink, stove and everything that comes in my way, really. I really like them because once you wring them out and leave them to dry and they won't get stinky and you can wash them if needed, which means they can be used over and over again, saving some $$$.

Aside from these, they carry all kinds of reusable cloths that can be washed and reused as well. I find this very convenient and much better than using paper towels that you throw after one use.

reusable dish scrub $3.99 (2 piece)


Made from organic cotton, this oven mitt is super useful for when you are handling hot foods or baking, it is pretty thick and great quality. Plus it looks super cute hanging next to the oven, not like those silicone ones that ummm, lets face it, are quite ugly.

oven mitt $14.99


I am the biggest fan of candles but ever since I found out that the fragrances and the wax that is used in most candles is toxic for your health, I stopped buying them altogether. Soy wax is the way to go and using natural fragances, these candles are safe for you and last longer since soy wax has a lower melting point. Plus they come in reusable tins. 


I love that they have kept the environment and sustainability in mind on every item that they carry on their website, when I first started to look into green lifestyle, I was overwhelmed by all the things that I had to change but having a store that has such a great variety of products at doable prices, it is very easy to start the transition and keep going from there. I absolutely recommend taking a look at their website to look at the rest of the products that they carry. And to make it even better, they offer free shipping for orders over $30, which is so convenient and, not very common.