Ahh! Decor has to be my favorite topic to talk about here, even thought I haven't been blogging too much about it lately. But I have to say that I am an absolute basket case! I'm crazy with this new "trend" that I think it is here to stay. You are seeing basketweave everywhere, from decor pieces, furniture to handbags. And it makes me even happier that this approach is very sustainable. 

photo © magnolia blog
You can use baskets to store blankets, books, toys, shoes, towels, chargers, bathroom toiletries, use them as planters or fruit vases...anyway, you get the point. This makes them not only a beautiful piece of decor but also a very useful one, and isn't that the best of both worlds? 

Made using mainly grass, they add great texture to a room but also look very fresh and almost resort like, which, if you know me, that is what I like going for regarding my personal style, both in fashion and decor. 

photo © planete deco
Anyways, I have been on the lookout for decor brands that sell sustainable and fair trade products, and luckily, there are quite a lot of brands that are taking this direction. I have been very naive and have ignored the fact that a lot of mainstream products are made in factories with horrible working conditions and pay, and so, I want to make a difference with my purchases and pick brands that care about their suppliers and the environment. 

As you go through each of the links, I recommend you not only look at their products but also who makes them and how. Most of the brands I showcase here are smaller businesses and I imagine them doing a little dance every time they sell a product, just as I do when I get a view for my blog posts. We thrive on the support you guys give us, by reading our blogs, or buying our products :)

You'll see a selection here of uber gorgeous baskets of different styles, sizes and prices. I like to keep it varied so that there's something for everyone. I'm sure once you see them you'll be as obsessed as I am.
photo © @designlovesdetail
I want to spread the word on the brands that I find are worth looking at, because I want to support businesses that have good work ethics and are sustainable and are out there trying to make a difference. It is very important to understand the impact you have on the world every time you make a purchase and we don't have the option to be indifferent. 

1. black bolga basket
2. bird's nest bowl
3. roya floor basket
4. hand beaded bali baskets
5. tall white pixel basket
6. lidded warming basket
7. eyelash basket
8. bohemia beldi basket
9. shorouk palm basket set
10. willow storage basket
11. literal palm basket
12. pom pom seagrass belly basket