It's been too long since I last posted a product review, but I wanted to start doing more of these. This time I will be talking about Biossance Squalane.

Squalene, from what I have read, is a substance that your liver produces to keep the elasticity and moisture of your skin, and the amounts you produce decrease as you age. So, if you use Squalane (note the slight difference in the words), which comes from Squalene (but broken down to be more stable and skin-friendly) you will help your skin look healthier even as you age.

What I also had read is that a lot of the squalane found in beauty and skincare products came from shark livers. What?! Yes, so, since I'm all against that, I decided that there was no way that I was going to use squalane.

This changed until about a year ago, when I found Biossance on Instagram. The Squalane that they use for their products is made from renewable sugarcane. I was immediately intrigued. And I was more intrigued when I saw they offered samples.

Well. Long story short I told L about it and before I knew it he had ordered the samples for me. If that is not love then I don't know what is. When I got the samples I started using them right away and boy, was I surprised.

I got two small 4ml samples, one of the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil and one 100% Squalane.  I used 2 drops (yes 2) twice a day. These tiny bottles last for so long, maybe around a month and half or more each (the way I'm using them), that I would imagine the regular sized bottles will last probably close to a year.

Now, here's how I've used this product. First I would get my face and hands a little wet (not dripping) and then I would then spread it around my face. I read about this method of using water to help spread oils more evenly around the face, and even though this is not an oil, the consistency is very similar so it worked perfectly. To be honest I feel like my skin reacted better with the 100% Squalane than with the Squalane with Vitamin C and Rose Oil. Not that this one didn't work, but I was able to see my more of a glow with the squalane alone .

Since I started using them my skin's texture has changed so much. Before it was oily and I had a lot of acne marks. Now, my skin looks glowy without being oily, and my scars have diminished or disappeared completely. After I apply it my skin feels supple, plump and moisturized. These are three words that I would've never use to describe my face before.

This squalane, along with my healthier diet and lifestyle, has helped my skin look as healthy as its ever been. You have no idea how much I struggled with acne and pimples that would just not go away. If anyone else out there has experienced acne, I'm sure you know the struggle. It is impossible to not feel self conscious about it all-the-time.

But going back to the squalane, it is definitely a must have in my daily skincare routine and will be forever. I definitely recommend you trying Biossance Squalane, which you can get in two sizes, 12 ml ($14) and 100 ml ($58), or you can get the samples to try it out first, as I said the last a long time so you are going to be able to see the difference they make in your skin.

I will be trying other brands of Squalane since I want to find a more affordable option for you, but I definitely think this one is worth the investment. The quality of the product is excellent, plus they have other products that I've been meaning to try (I'm looking at you peptide eye gel).

As always, I'm including a link to their website, where I got most of the information about Squalane and Squalene, and where you can look at all their product line and shop around. Also, I just found out that Sephora is now offering their products so, if you prefer to see them live you can head over there.