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I wanted to share a little project that I'm doing with a friend of mine that just moved to the Chicago suburbs. This is the first time she will be living by herself and has asked me to help her getting her new apartment together. I wanted to give her several color way/style options for each room, and I wanted to share what I'm working on with you as well. 

One important aspect is that we wanted to keep it as budget friendly as possible without compromising on style, since she has a lot of other expenses that she still needs to take care of, coming from another country and from her parents house, meaning she has to get everything from salt and pepper to hangers.

I will share the options for each room in a different post, that way it is easier to track and manage. I was able to keep all of the options under $380, and that is including a new table and a pair of chairs, so if you want to do any of these options for your own kitchen but don't want to change the chairs or table, it will be even less than that. As always, everything is linked at the bottom of each option.

Option 1: Light woods and Grey. I wanted to keep one option as a neutral since this is my absolute favorite. It is timeless and it looks very fresh. It gives it a very retreat feel and here you actually let the food to take the spotlight.  

kitchen towels // plantpot // stripes & dots mugs (4) // 

Option 2: Pink, Off-white and Gold. A pink option was a must in this situation. This is the first time that she is living by herself and having this touches of pink make it feel glamorous but not overwhelming. When I first moved in by myself I had some pink accents around the apartment that really made me feel like a #girlboss. 

Option 3. Blue, Yellow and White. The blues in this option are so fresh that actually makes it feel like summer. I love the combination of the blue and the yellows on the lemon kitchen towel, I think it makes for a great combination, again without being overwhelming. 

kitchen towels // navy and turqouise mugs (4) // plant & pot

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Now, I wanted to add some extras that she can get once she has some extra $$$. These items you can buy as you go and, as they are not extremely necessary to survive, but will make your kitchen much more happy every time you walk in there.   

Expect the Living Room next! I will start working on that right after this one, and will be letting you know what she picked from each.