I have to admit I am a recovering shopaholic. There are still moments where I see something on Instagram or in a store, and I start getting anxious and start browsing and browsing finding so many things I want to get. But I won't.

I made a pledge to myself to stop buying unnecessary things and to control myself as much as I can. This applies mainly for fashion, and now what I do is I only get a piece of clothing/shoes that will surpass the seasonal trends, and that I will use very very often (not like those heels that you buy because they are cute and then realize you have used them only once in the past 2 years). This means getting more classic and color neutral clothing that can be used for many many years.

This of course has also helped me to save a lot of money, and some of that money I can/will use to invest in a good quality piece of clothing that will be sustainable/fair trade/organic, etc. And luckily now there are a lot of this type of eco friendly brands that are creating great collections, that won't compromise style, because I still enjoy a beautiful piece of clothing.

Here I am sharing some of my current favorites, note that most of them are made for warmer weather, but right now I am so over sweaters. So over them you guys.

Akazi is a mother daughter duo from Australia. I love this from this brand because that is something that I wanted to do with my mom, they have inspired me. Who knows, maybe we'll start working on that. Their designs are ethically produced made from natural plant based fabrics. Their designs are classic yet modern and fresh, intended to last through the years no matter the trends. If I had to choose one piece of clothing I would say the top that ties on the sides looks so absolutely comfortable. If you want to see more from Akazi you can go to their website

Noumenon is an Amsterdam based brand, which I love. I feel like I have a special connection with the Netherlands, having lived there for some time. The brand is committed to the environment, and their clothes are completely cruelty-free and ethically made. They have a wide range of really stylish winter clothes as well, which is not always so easy to find. I am so in love with the little Vegan AF bag! If only I knew somebody that could bring it to me from over there...You can check all of their pieces at

Last but not least, I have for you Reset Priority, a Barcelona based brand. They are a swimwear and beachwear line, but I wanted to focus more on the beachwear, since I am doing a separate post about swimwear brands. They use a really interesting fabric called Cupro that resembles silk, but it is actually cotton, for a lot of their pieces. I love the details on all of their pieces and I could really see myself wearing them. If you want to take a look at their whole lookbook, you can visit

These are only three of the brands that I'm currently in love with, but I will start creating this type of posts as I discover more and more brands. What do you think? What brand is your favorite?