And we are back with some fashion finds! You guys seemed to like my last fashion post about sustainable clothes, so I hope you like this one too. This time I want to share with you some brands I have found that make the most perfect handbags. 

I always like to make a statement with my bags and these will do just that. They can make a simple outfit look sophisticated in a second, and if you are afraid to wear color or just prefer to dress in neutrals but would like to add a pop of color, doing this with your handbag is the way to go. 

As I said on my previous post, I'm not about buying all the things. It's more about finding a balance and what  pieces make you feel like yourself and that you are comfortable wearing. That way, you keep using them over and over again. One can feel overwhelmed with all the options that are out there, but if you go for clean lines and simple bags, they will always be on trend.

Even though I'm not looking for a handbag right now, the handbags I will show you are definitely in my imaginary green closet. 

Filbert offers a great variety of PETA Approved luxe vegan leather. They carry such a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors and textures. I can't decide which I like more, the structured bags, or the slouchy ones. And their color range, it is sooo good you guys, so good! You know I love me some neutrals but their rose, indigo and robin's egg colors are giving me so much life. I'm very much debating which color I would use more, I can't decide. And the best part is that they are very well priced for such a great quality. I would definitely recommend you visit their website,, I assure you you will find at least two-three bags that you will fall in love with they have something for everyone. Filbert team, if you are reading this, I hope I get to meet you soon! ;)

Now, over to Quinoa. Another great one. I mean just look at those lines! This make my simple and minimalist heart so happy. They use recycled leather in some of their products, which is composed by leather scraps with latex and other natural components. They also use natural tanning methods, using organic dyes from wood, fruits and leaves, plus all their products are made by French artisans in France. Their color range is pretty neutral with some dark greens and reds, but they are adding some bright blue colors to their collection as well. If you want to take a peek at their website, visit

Now, I introduce you to Denise Roobol creations. Just look at these gorgeous dumplings! She got me with the Day & Night bag (upper right) and now I am obsessed with every single one of her designs. Plus, as you know, I have a long distance relationship with the Netherlands, and this is a Dutch brand! In fact, Denise, the creator, studied in the Willem de Kooning Design Academy (a lifelong dream of mine). Most of her bags are structured and have an edgy detail that just makes them unique. They are made with PETA approved vegan leather as well. I can see myself using any of these bags all year long, and that makes me so very happy. Check to check out all of the other amazing bags, and colors that they carry.    

So that's it for now, what do you think? Would you like to see more posts like this one? I love finding new brands and products and sharing them with my friends/followers.