The month of April I will be dedicating all of my posts to stuff related to helping the Earth and how we can help take better care of this gorgeous planet. I wanted to start with some of my favorite makeup brands. Even though you might feel like changing your beauty products is only taking care of you, it might not be entirely true. What you put on your face and then wash off at the end of the day, makes its way through the drain and into our water supplies. So by keeping our products cleaner, we could make a little bit of a difference.  

I started doing this extensive research starting 10 years ago, when there where only a few brands available, and most where so not affordable for a freshman in college. I remember trying some products but they where not very effective, so for a while I just laid in makeup limbo. But its been maybe two or three years that a lot of brands have really come up with great products, which is great news.

Here I’m sharing products from 3 different brands that I have grown to love, and I love them so much that I used these products to do my wedding makeup. I haven’t talked much about our wedding (I will share that some other time) but I’ll tell you this, it was very important for me to look like myself live and in the pictures, so, after going to one make up trial after that ended with me staring horrified at the mirror not recognizing myself, I decided there was only one way to do it: by doing it myself. I’m not saying I’m an expert beauty consultant, I’m just an expert on my face, and so this was simply the best way to go. Overall, I’m very happy with the way it turned out, natural and most importan, I look like me :)

And now, I want to share with you the products that I found that now I can add to my beauty bag. 

I decided to get the foundation samples after seeing that so many green beauty bloggers were giving it great reviews. I am always skeptical about trying new foundation, one false step and I get pimples all over. But not with this one, no ma’am (sir)! It has everything that I’m looking for, great coverage but your skin can still breathe, and zero pimples. Not one. It comes in a 1oz bottle with a pump and the price ($48) not too bad I have to say, for a foundation this effective, if you compare to Lancome for example, which is $47. I don’t like to apply a lot, I maybe use a pea size amount, only on days that I’m going out, so I think this bottle would really last a long time, like more than 6 months for sure. They don’t have a huge range of colors but I found one that was perfect for me. I have a slight yellow undertone to my skin and it is hard to find a foundation that doesn’t make me look yellow, so this time I was lucky. 

 When I ordered the samples, they came with an extra jar with a little bit of the primer, and let me tell you, it is a must have. It is very similar in texture to the BareMinerals Prime Time primer, but without all the toxic ingredients. The price is the same as the foundation, and in comes in a 1oz bottle too, so I think it is not that bad for the price. Of course, if you sum it up, it gets quite expensive.

Hynt, Now this baby, this baby is my Holy Grail. I think I discovered it thanks to Amanda from This thing hides it all! I still have some redness on my face and some pimples every once in a while and this concealer covers them all up. And you just need a tiny bit each time. I also use it as an under eye concealer. I don’t have very noticeable under eye circles but I have a lot o f tiny veins, and this concealer covers them up really well. This one comes in a small 6gr glass jar that can be recycled, and it’s only $24. I got my full size jar around July of last year and I still have maybe about 1/4 of it left, and I use it almost everyday. 

Juice Beauty, these two products I have to admit, they came in my petit vour box, so I didn’t exactly pick them.I don’t know what to make of Juice Beauty yet. This was the very first brand I tried (almost 10 years ago) and it didn’t impress me to be honest. I remember I was straight out of high school, and I had saved every penny that I had to get a mask, a moisturizer and some lip balms. None of them really worked for me, I was so disappointed. But then when I got this products on my sucription boxes, I decided to give them a try again. And this time I really liked the products. 

I got a Phyto-pigments Cream Shadow Stick and a Phyto-pigments luminous lip crayon ($22 each). I like the cream shadow stick because it doesn’t take much to get a deeper tone, it is a little harder than you would think for an eye shadow but what I usually do is just smear a little over by lids, and then dab it around my eyelid. The color I got is actually very complementary to my eye color so it looks very subtle and natural, which is the look I go for most of the times. The lip balm, I do like and it is very creamy and leaves your lips really soft. It leaves them a little bit shiny, like if you had put a little bit of lip gloss on, which is nice when I want my makeup to look dewy. I don’t use every day but I feel it is mostly because of the color, it feels more like summer. So as soon as the sun starts shining again I wil be wearing this baby for sure.