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People, I have bad news. You saw on my last design post that we were looking for an extra chair to complete the living room right? Well, I don't think this is going to happen. L came home with a chair somebody was giving away and I thought, well maybe we can just try to put it in the living room to figure how the space would look. It is another IKEA Poang chair, but, I don't think the chair is the problem. When putting the two chairs side by side, perpendicular to the sofa, they occupy more space that I thought they would and they end up blocking the "hallway" that takes you to the kitchen and the upstairs, so it looks very weird. It was very disappointing to find that out, specially when I thought I had the measurements right. Oh well, that only means that I have to distract myself with something else.

As I write this the fireplace is looking at me yelling, it's my turn! (Yes, I talk to the things in my house). Poor little baby has those rental grade ugly ceramic tile surround, and a very thin "mantle" if you can call it that. It makes it very difficult to be able to put any thing in there that is wider than 4", so that means I have to find some new decor that fits there. So, instead of fixating on whats bad about it, I decided to start working on some looks for it to make it look its best, at least in my imagination.

This is more or less how sad it looks right now (don't mind the old ceiling fan, I try not to think about it)

I will be creating two or three looks for it, in case any one else is having the same struggles as me with dealing with this problem. And the best part, is that I will try to stick to a $200 budget for all looks. The first one I'm including in this post, and the other two will come in future posts soon. I didn't want to make this one super long because then you guys would get bored. 

For the first look, I went for a modern coastal look. It has a very light and fresh look without making it look like a beach house fireplace that is not next to the beach.  Note that it doesn't have any buoys, ship wheels, or anchors, as I don't usually like to have a very specific them going on in case I find something else that is interesting and then I can just add it without having different themes clashing. Most of the stuff is from Target, including the brick wallpaper, which comes already textured and you can't paint over it! How cool is that? That helps a lot with giving a new look to any area without spending a lot on creating a real brick wall. The print on the frame I found at Etsy, which actually comes in a bigger size and its a set of two prints. 

As for the fireplace itself, I found this DIY on where they do this fireplace cover. I thought that was genius, for those who don't use the fireplace, this is a great idea to make the fireplace look even better. I will definitely be showing this to L to see if he's up for a little DIY project in the near future (ahem, this weekend). 

Shopping List:

What do you think? What would you like to see next? I am thinking I will do one using the mirror that I have, that way I can show it to L instead of him trying to imagine how it will look, which never works out well, haha.