Hello guys! sorry for the radio silence I had a hectic travel schedule las week that left me exhausted. I haven't traveled this way in a while and you could tell. I was all over the place haha. But anyhow, now it is over and I had all weekend to rest and recover and now here I am! My intention was to work on the post and publish it during one of the many flights I took, but it ended up not happening because I was falling asleep as soon as I got on the plane (it is one of my superpowers if I dare to brag).

Anyways, I decided to do my first fashion post in relation to something that is one of my favorite things to buy: Shoes. I am way more audacious with my footwear than my actual clothes, as I always like to give a little edge to my outfits but not too much. And I feel like having a statement shoe is like a very subtle way to say, I like fashion, but I don't need to impress you, but I still want you to know I like fashion. 

And now that spring is coming, I get to wear the perfect looking things called mules and slides. I can't tell you how perfect I think these shoes are, I feel like if I was born a shoe, I would be a mule. A flat mule. I don't know if that says something about my personality or not, but that is how much I love mules. 

Anyways, so, as I was getting excited for spring and getting to wear them again, I decided to make a little round up of some of my favorite spring mules and slides. I think the most expensive ones I found were around $70. I like to keep it real with the prices, as sometimes I see people post about shoes that are so affordable and really they are like 130 bucks, I'm sorry but I feel like most of the times I don't have that kind of money for a single pair of shoes, and I know for a fact that there is at least a group of girls that feels the same way (aka my friends). So, if you like to spend a little bit more money this might not be the blog post for you, but at least you can use this post for a cool inspiration pictures. 

I am not a fashion expert at all, and I consider myself as somebody that goes less with the trends but more with what I wear what makes me feel like myself and makes me feel comfortable. If I describe my style I would say I am minimalistic,  a little bit edgy, a mix of girly and tomboy, not interested in overly sexy clothes (I'd rather wear something that shows leg, back or shoulders rather than cleavage. I think I'm lucky since I don't have much in that area so it is not a concern of mine). 

Below I collected a few inspiration pictures of what I would like to wear this spring. As you can see they are very basic clothes, and the shoes complete the look perfectly. I apologize I didn't tag who's who on the pictures but I have all of them on my Pinterest board for Spring and Summer Fashion if you want to check it out and follow :)  

Now, the good stuff! Here I compiled a few of my favorite ones,  and as much as I would like to buy them all, I also like to think that about not succumbing into a consumerism free fall, so I like to really think of what shoes I would use a lot and not keep them in my closet for weeks at a time before wearing them again. 

Last summer I bought some pink slides that I fell in love with at Steve Madden, only because they were on sale, and I ended up using them so often that I think I need another pair basically because that is all I wear in the spring and summer months. So, if you would like to tone it down with the spending and the having-no-space-in-your-closet problems, I would only pick one or maybe two pairs that you would really use a lot. 

1. Pointed Toe Mule
2. Pointed Toe Mule
4. Isla Mule
5. Faux Pearl Slip on Mule
6. Embroidered Mule
7. Canvas Espadrille Mule
8. Platform Sandal
9. Espadrille Sandal
10. Metallic Slide
11. Faux Gem Slide
12. Fringe Slides
13. Slide Sandal
14. Faux Pearl Sandal
15. Feather Sandal

I hope you enjoy this post and please let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one in the future! It was plenty of fun to put it together for sure! And it satisfied my window shopping cravings too!