About a month ago on a very cold Saturday, we had a little cultural day and went to Pittock Mansion. We had been there before but it was closed because they where decorating it for the holidays, so I only got to see the outside. 

This time, we had the opportunity to go inside and go through almost all the rooms, and then we got to see the outside and the Portland view. The house has amazing architecture and it was interesting to learn a little bit about the history of Portland, which I knew nothing about. The furniture and decor is not all original from the house, but it is from the time when the Mansion was in its full swing.

I don't want to pretend I know much about it or give you a history lesson, so I'll make it quick. Mr. Pittock became the owner of the Oregonian, decided to make this humble house for him and his family. This was one of the first houses that had the latest technological and modern advances, such as an elevator and a fridge. He died I believe not too long after the house was done, but members of his family remained living there for years to come until they decided to put it for sale. I don't know if they were able to actually sell it, but it was abandoned for a long time, and then ended up being damaged by a horrible storm, breaking window panes and letting water get inside. After this and due to the amount of wreck the storm had left, developers wanted to tear it down but it looks like citizens of Portland were able to save it from this horrible faith.  

I'm glad they saved it, because I love historic sites, and being that we don't have that much historic sites such as this one on the West Coast, I'll take whatever I can. I think that is what makes me like very history rich places, and why Europe gets me every single time. 

Anyways, I wanted to share some pictures that I took this time. The Mansion has a huge "backyard" with views of Portland, which actually looks like a great place to have a picnic when it gets a little warmer, which will be very soon now. Yay!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you have been, please don't hesitate to share your experience there! If you are in the Portland area or will be visiting soon, I would give the mansion a try, if you need more information, you can visit their site here.