I have been using this makeup remover for months and so far I have not found a product it won't remove. And because of that, it has turned into on of our favorite beauty products. Its made main ingredients are coconut oil and activated charcoal. Coconut oil is antibacterial, helps clear acne and is also a great moisturizer (among other things) by penetrating the skin from within. And the activated charcoal acts like a magnet that catches all the makeup and dirt from the pores. The combo of this two ingredients leaves your skin feeling extra soft   

It has a creamy consistency but once you mix it with water is super easy to distribute around the face without using too much of it. I use it as my first step on my nightly routine. I wet my fingertips and then use the built in pump to get a pea size dollop and then rub our hands a little bit and then just start working it circular motions around the face. I always start in the eye area, focusing on the lashes to make sure I remove all the mascara. Once I go all around the face a couple of times I rinse with lukewarm water, removing all the residue. After that I just apply my toner and moisturizers and eye cream and that is it.

When I first started using this makeup remover I used to wash my face after, but one time I tried it by itself and when I woke up the next day my face looked so clear that I decided to skip the cleanser after. I love how simple it is to use it and how effective it is, since as much as I like to get ready and apply makeup, I still like to think I'm very low maintenance, and hate complicated my routines with unnecessary stuff. I

Unfortunately we don't get this product in the U.S., but all the ladies and gents back in Mexico can order it online at, or can check their stockist's list to see if there one near you.