Im starting a home tour series about our townhome. Even though we moved in since last October, we just haven't had much time to get all of it settled in and finalized, but I wanted to start to show you the progress off how we are doing so far and make notes of what we are still missing. I am starting with one side of the living room area, which is where we spend a lot of our time when we are at home.

Here is how it looks right now, even though it is not finished, I am quite happy with the way we're going with it. I'm not showing whats in front of the coffee table, but trust me, you are not missing much, I haven't even began to deal with what is going on up there. That area will be showcased in another post, once it is somewhat styled and organized.

Ideally I wanted a less yellow more cream sofa, but this was the ultimate winner since: 1) It turns into a queen bed (without those horrible sofa sleeper mattress which are so uncomfortable) which is ideal since our family is quite big and we need as much beds as possible for when they come visit, and 2) this one was cheaper than the original option we had, making room in the budget for the another accent chair. You can find the sofa at ikea, here's the link. The accent pillows are all from Target and Ikea, plus the grey one that I made. I will be changing the geometric and the grey pillows soon, but I just haven't found the right ones for the space, and since these I already had, they are working for now. 

As for the rug, I wanted something with a geometric or line pattern, in black and white. I knew it was a bold move but considering that we have a beige carpet going all around the house, I wanted something that would distract from the carpet instead of blending with it. I found this one on wayfair, you can find it right here.

The coffee table we bought at Target when L first moved here, and they unfortunately don't sell it anymore. I love how expensive and the modern it looks but really it was very affordable and heavy duty. It doesn't need much care except for some wiping, since we put everything on it without much care, this is a great feature. I feel this coffee table will be around our home for a while, since the style seems to go with every trend that comes without looking old. 

The artwork above the sofa is from Ikea, I was not convinced of the angle of the picture itself, but once we hung it didn't bother me anymore. This was one of the things that L had to convince me to actually buy, since I was originally planning a gallery wall here, but since we have another wall that I could use for it, since it has some weird angles, I gave in. The gallery wall is not done yet either so we'll leave that for another time.

The floor lamps I do not like at all but L bought them when he was living by himself and needed extra lighting in the living room. I believe there are such pretty lamps out there and these are just so basic, but I think I have an idea to make them look better. I think it would be wasteful to just throw them away so I think I will make a little DIY out of them and hopefully they look good and I end up loving them. Fingers crossed.

L has one of those all black Ikea Pöang chairs that I used to not be in love with, but after we moved in to this place and I started noticing the black and white trend, it grew on me. I have to admit it is pretty comfortable to sit on and we find ourselves fighting for that chair now. So, we need another chair. I don't want to get the same style chair, I want a something different to add a little bit more interest to the room if we get a different one.

This was the inspiration I used for the living room:

P H O T O  ©   D A N I E L L E M O S S . C O M

P H O T O   ©  E N T R A N C E M A K L E R I . S E

So, even though it looks more or less complete, I still think we are missing a few key pieces, such as:
- Another accent chair
- A pouf or ottoman (or two) this one is needed, since we put our feet up on the coffee table sometimes
- Either one or two side tables, that way we can move the glass one in front of the sofa, as it was intended so that we can prop up laptops, plates, coffee mugs, etc in there while watching TV. And we can put a table lamp and some decor on the side tables.

We don't have the budget right now to buy a super expensive pieces, so that narrows my options. But luckily, there are some good choices that are within our budget, at least for the side tables and poufs. The accent chair will be a whole other story, I already know that. I have started working on narrowing down the options for each of these, so that I can show you, and maybe complete the room soon.