Something that I like about interior design is the many styles you can go with, but that also makes it difficult to pick one. For me this was extremely hard to figure out, even as we started to buy furniture. Luckily, the furniture that we decided to buy is very neutral, in both color and shape, so it is very easy for it to translate to one style or another with accessories and smaller pieces of furniture. As much as I would love to buy a navy blue velvet sofa (or a dusty pink) it is not realistic, as I know I will grow tired of it sooner rather than later, and we just don't have it in our budget to be changing sofas as trends come and go, aside from the fact that I don't like that type of keeping-up-with-the-joneses-type of consumerism. And I believe that is true for a lot of people, so if they ask me for advice about buying furniture thats very specific color or trend, I usually just ask them 'Are you going to love this sofa even after, let's say, the velvet trend is gone? Does it matter? Are you willing to change that piece as soon as your taste or needs change?' even if they decide to get that specific piece, they got to think about the overall life of that piece in their home, and they start to ask that question to themselves when their buying another piece of furniture. 

As far as the style of our living room and the house in general goes, I think I finally have it: Modern, Neutral, Black & White Coastal. And even my original inspiration ideas weren't anything coastal, the room has sort of come together that way, we didn't do it on purpose, but I think it works better this way. To begin with, I wanted to go with something like Alaina Kaczmarski's brownstone, but we just didn't have the architectural details for it to make sense in out space, so I passed on to similar style but with more modern details and lines. Ultimately, L likes more of a modern minimalistic look, so I figured that was a compromise I could make into incorporating both our tastes into the space.

So now that the style is defined, that obviously helped with the type of chair that I had to look for. Initially I was all over the place, I was debating whether velvet was a good idea or not (I was not convinced I could make it work with the rest of the space), if I wanted metal or wood legs, or what color...Black? Cream? Grey? But after setting the record straight and coming out with the modern coastal look, I decided it definitely had to be a comfortable cream or off white color, and later if we need to we can move that chair to other areas of the house without disrupting the design. And even if I was still hoping to find some chair with metal legs, all the chairs I found that I liked had wooden legs, but still look pretty modern, so decided to use them as contenders.

Here are the options I have found that I really liked, as far as shape, colorway and fabric. Even though they are very similar, each one has little details that make all the difference, at least to me. The fact that they are all so well priced makes me very happy, since the options I had at the beginning where closer to $400, which meant less money to use on other items.

Nicoli Chair. I really really like the cutouts on the sides and how has the piping on the edges. It looks comfortable but at the same time a little edgy. 

Leigh Chair. I think this is the most traditional of the three, but somehow I still see myself sitting in this chair with my feet up on an ottoman and just reading away. The seat looks also very comfy. 

Camden Chair. I love the lines of this one, and the fabric looks like it has a little bit of shimmer which I don't mind as it is so subtle. This one also looks very comfortable but not bulky. 

All of the chairs I found on Overstock.com, my next steps would be contacting the seller to see if they have swatches just to make sure that the color will not be way different to what I see on the screen, and also looking around on other websites for reviews, as I couldn't find any on Overstock, and if I'm lucky, even better prices. I will update the post once we make a decision, but just for fun, which one would you get? Assuming the color is exactly what you see here and they are all super comfy?