Even though Suits is not a new show, it has become a staple tv show in our home. We have invested all of our feelings into the series, and if you don’t know what it is about, well let me tell ya. It is a legal drama where everyone is a badass lawyer, but one of them, Mike, has a secret to hide. Mike falls in love with lovely Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle a.k.a Princess Rachel to be) and after what seemed like an eternity they start dating and then they move in together. To the most beautiful apartment ever with wood floors and old charm arched windows, a beautiful fireplace and wood molding on the walls (which is my ultimate dream btw).

And so, after pausing and pausing and oogling after every room, I’ve decided to “recreate” them here for all of us to enjoy together. I am starting with the living room, which is the biggest room of all. Unfortunately, as you can see, I couldn't find a lot of good pictures, but if you have seen the show you know what I'm talking about.

The layout goes a little bit like this: they have the sofa and the armchairs in the center of the room by the fireplace, the desk and floor lamp close to the window and the bookshelf and leather chair are the first thing to the right as you come in to the living room.

Accent Chairs.
Coffee Table.
Side Tables (they come as a set!).
Grey Throw Pillows. 
Design Pillows.
Typewriter Canvas. 
Bicycle Print.
New York Map Print. 
Table Lamp.
Floor Lamp. 
Leather Chair. 
Decorative Boxes. 
Origami Figurine. 

There was another small accent table that lays between the kitchen and bedroom entry ways, opposite to the fireplace, but I couldn't find any good takes where I could see what exactly was going on there, same goes for the desk chair, I only found pictures from afar where it was really blurry. And of course, there are like a lot more artwork around the room, but I only searched the ones that where more interesting.

The next room I'll be tackling will be the bedroom, I have started taking notes on that one, and I know I will have to go to previous episodes for reference, now that princess Rachel won't be coming back to the show.

Let me know how you like this and if you would like to see more of this recreations, because I know I would love to do them.


  1. Any thoughts on where you might find the curtain panels in their kitchen on the show?

    1. I have not been able to find them! I have looked endlessly and can't seem to find the source :( sorry!


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